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“Leave” is Non-narcotic,
benefits is used for medication /
research studies / products such as
medicines, food, herbs, cosmetics, and etc.
(Fully Legalised)

Husk, Stalk, Fiber

“Husk, Stalk, Fiber”
are Non-narcotic, benefits is given for research studies / industries such as
textile, automotive and paper manufacturing.
(Fully Legalised)

Hemp Seed Oil

“Hemp Seed Oil”
Our hemp seed oil contains <0.2% THC under Thai regulations. Vastly useful in dietary supplements, cosmetics and personal care products
(Fully Legalised)

Hemp Flower

“Hemp Flower”
improves the condition of cancer patients, decrease sugar intake and cholesterol levels in diabetic patients and alleviate pain caused by arthritis and joint pains
(Pending Legalisation)

CBD Extract

“CBD Extract”
Our extract contains <0.2% THC as required by Thai regulations. Widely applied in medicinal, food & beverage, dietary supplements, cosmetics and animal feed etc.
(Fully Legalised)

Branches, Roots

“Branches, Roots”
has medicinal medical properties and
can be used in food, herbs, cosmetics etc.
(Fully Legalised)

Supported by our legal licenses to grow, extract and export

Our business is beyond profits. Our income is sustainable happiness

  • With the largest hemp cultivation area in Thailand, we aim to create sustainable impact through 1,600 rai in Chiang Rai province
  • Each rai will yield 100,000 baht of profits to our farmers, creating livelihood for over 50,000 households and cut down carbon emissions by 30 million metrics per year
  • Our future ambition is to scale to 100,000 rai of hemp cultivation in Northern Thailand by 2025