100% Organic

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Thai Hemp Wellness Company Limited

Thai Hemp Wellness Company Limited is a registered company in Thailand founded by a team of medical doctors, specialists and agricultural and environmental researchers who wanted to bring Thai medicinal plants to the world.

Thai Hemp Wellness is under the management of Dr. Kriengsak Liewchanpattana, and the “father” of Thai cannabis, Dr. Permsak Soupaponheamin, a researcher in the Department of Agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, who has more than 20 years of expertise with cannabis-marijuana plants.


Prosperous Agriculture
Prosperous Families
A Stable Nation


We strive to build quality communities,
care for nature and the environment and invigorate
the economy by bringing medicinal plants to the world
while following practices which support sustainable development.

Hemp Products

We are determined

to make our growers earn a profit of at least
per year per household.


  • We are experts in cannabis seeds, having studied them for more than 20 years,
  • and lawfully registered new strains.
  • “Seed to Sale” accountability. Quality control exercised at every step of the production process. From soil preparation to planting, to extraction and finished product testing.
  • 100% ORGANIC
  • International Organic Agriculture Standards
  • World Class Extraction Technology
  • Certificates Of Analysis for Quality Assurance
  • Fair prices bestow great value and market advantage upon our buyers
Sustainable Agriculture

“Sustainability for the forests and farmers.”